Shipping and allocation

Unfortunately it is possible that products get allocated by distributors and therefore we can’t guarantee full delivery of pre-orders. We allocate the product we receive according to the payment date.

We only sell a small part of our product through pre-orders to minimize the risk of canceling orders.


The payment terms for pre-order articles is the same as for regular orders. The order has to be paid in 7 days.

If there are allocations or cancelations from our side, the full amount for articles not sent will be refunded.


The order will be sent out as soon as possible, but earliest that they arrive on the date of release. Because there are possible delays from distributors, shipping can be delayed on our side as well.

Ordering PRE-ORDER articles with articles ready to be shipped

If PRE-ORDER articles are ordered with articles ready to be shipped, the entire shipment will be sent out on the release date of the pre-order. Splitting up the order is not possible because of our system and logistical reasons.

If you would like to receive available articles right away, please create two separate orders.

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